Social Media Impact

Social media has impacted young relationships in a positive way to bring them closer to their partner, but some disagree and say it has no impact whatsoever according to the PewResearchCenter.

41% of people between the ages of 18-29 have admitted to feeling closer to their partner from having a conversation through social media. 10% of people that are in a relationship say the Internet has had a big impact in their relationship. 72% of adults have said the Internet has no impact in their relationship. Katie Cuevas, 20, a senior at New Mexico State, agrees with the 72% of adults.

“Honestly it doesn’t really impact my relationship. We’re able to keep our relationship separate from social media,” expresses Cuevas who has been with her boy friend for over 11 months. With social media growing it can often become a distraction for those who are in serious relationships around their significant other. 42% have admitted social media has distracted them because they want to see what their friends are doing.

“Yes, I do. Sometimes I just want to see what other people are doing and I’m distracted even though I should be focusing on him,” said Cuevas. The distractions in relationships can cause tension between the two. 18% of adults, who have online accounts, have admitted to arguing with their partner about how much time being spent online. 8% say they have been frustrated from what their partner is doing online which can result to partners checking each other’s profiles. Kenny Gomez, 21, a senior studying Kinesiology at New Mexico State, can relate to checking on his partner from time to time.

“Yes, I do check my girlfriend’s profile. Probably half the time I get on social media, I will check her profile. I don’t know why, I just do. I guess it feels like I have to see what she’s doing when I am not around,” express Gomez. A resolution to checking on each other’s profile that 11% adults have turned to is sharing a profile.

Kenny Gomez checks his Instagram.
Kenny Gomez checks his Instagram.

“I would probably not share a profile with her because I think it’s corny, however, we both know each other’s passwords for our individual accounts,” said Gomez. Many adults in long distance relationships have tuned to social media to keep them updated with what their partner is doing or to communicate. They also use Skype or face time to have live video calls.

“I definitely use social media to keep me updated with what my girlfriend is doing when I am out of town. We face time everyday and I believe it helps us communicate in a positive way,” said Jacob Fernandez, 20, sophomore studying Criminal Justice at New Mexico State. He also believes couples his age share too much information about their relationship online when they should keep it between the two in the relationship.

“I have seen couples fight on Twitter and it’s embarrassing. Stuff like that should be kept behind doors not for everyone to see what’s going on. I  believe that’s why relationships fail.” said Fernandez.

Jacob Fernandez begins his face time call.
Jacob Fernandez begins his face time call.

The Internet, cell phones and social media has impacted 66% of adult relationships for good or bad. A good portion of them use it to help their relationship and others try their best to keep their personal problems off line. At the end of the day, couples will do what is best for their relationship.

Technology has helped couples communicate with their partner and Cuevas believes some would fail if it wasn’t for technology.

“I think more relationships would fail than others, due to the lack of communication technology brings to couples. Without it they can become distant,” she said.


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