Fans until the end

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The Gadsden Panthers football team lost Friday night to powerhouse Alamogordo Tigers 64-13, but it didn’t stop the home fans from supporting their team.

Family and friends were in attendance wearing maroon shirts with Panther football on them. Many of them played football years ago understanding what it feels like to warm up under the bright lights. Upsetting was on many minds of fans supporting the panthers knowing Alamogordo was ranked 2nd in state.

“Throughout the day in school I felt like they could beat them because anything can happen in sports,” said Mia Garcia, a senior at Gadsden. The home fans began to scream and cheer as they saw the panthers running onto the field. It was a tied game going into the 2nd quarter and the fans were still behind the football team. The hope on beating the tigers began to slip away as they went up 3 touchdowns, they had no answer. Assistant principle Dixon has been in attendance for many Panther football games and says the fans never leave until the game is over.

“No matter what they are always here until the end. We have the best fans because they are supportive,” said Dixon. With the loss to Alamogordo, the Panthers will be back in action this Friday against the Lobos of Chaparral a game that many fans will be back screaming and cheering on the football team.


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