Alex Guerra

Alex Guerra is a junior at New Mexico State that frequently plays video games during his spare time. It has helped him pay bills and receive many awards and recognition.

Guerra has traveled out of New Mexico to play in tournaments. He began playing video games when he was five years old. “I started playing video games on my Nitendo 64 when I was a kid. I still have all my games that I use to play,” said Guerra. The main games he plays now are FIFA 16, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Halo. He also has both main consoles the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1.

“I love to play FIFA with my friends and online,” said Guerra. Playing out of state means playing against the best so he has to make sure he is in top shape for tournaments. “Some people may think it’s too much, but I play FIFA for six hours a day just to make sure I am the best.”


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